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Not your "old-school" counseling.

We're unique in our practices and we want everyone to know that therapy isn't scary.  Our practice exists specifically to help you be a better person and to help you to keep being you.

         We can help you with:

  • Attaining Goals

  • Internal Conflicts

  • Coping with Grief

  • Relationship Conflicts

  • Family Conflicts

  • Depression / Anxiety

  • ADHD

  • Anger Issues

  • **Special Education**

  • IEP & 504 Plans

  • Learning Disability Testing

Our Staff

Lance Halpern

E.d.S. LPC School Psychologist

New Jersey | New York

Lance Halpern has been a practicing Licensed Professional Counselor and a Certified N.J. / N.Y. School Psychologist for over 20 years. Lance quickly builds a rapport with clients and in turn restores balance in their lives. He firmly believes that children / adolescents /adults are best poised to thrive and succeed in life when they have consistently positive encounters with supportive, caring adults and mentors. He strives to make therapeutic encounters with children, adolescents, and adults as positive and meaningful as possible with his unique “modern” philosophy. With a solution oriented approach, Lance seeks to help his clients realize tangible growth, development, and positive change. With his direct and motivational style Lance helps those overcome roadblocks and challenges that have surfaced in their lives. .

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